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Violation of Freedom and Commitment to Abortion Rights 

TAMPA, FLORIDA, March 3 – Upon the passing and signing of HB5, Tampa Bay Access Force is committing itself to supporting pro-abortion candidates in the upcoming 2022 election.  HB5 moved quickly and without allowing people to speak their truths to the legislators about their experiences with abortion.  We are not surprised by the passing of HB5 and the forthcoming abortion ban.  Florida Republicans have been setting the stage for years to do so.

Tampa Bay Access Force will be endorsing pro-abortion candidates this year, and will be targeting our efforts to unseat legislators who voted to ban abortion in Florida.  Any abortion ban takes essential freedoms away from people, and we will defend our freedom of bodily autonomy.

While abortion will be banned after 15 weeks in Florida, abortion will still be accessible.  Support and fund networks exist in Florida to support people to access abortion.  To learn more, visit the Tampa Bay Abortion Fund resource page. 

“These arbitrary barriers will not stop the need or access to abortion.  It will make it more expensive, time consuming, and an overall headache for people who are already marginalized, income constrained, and didn’t need another form of oppression from cis-white men in the Florida legislature.  At a time when we should be supporting our people in the midst of a pandemic and economic crisis, the Florida Legislature chose to create another burden for its people,” said President Lisa Kovacs. 

The Tampa Bay Access Force is a 501(c)4 dedicated to advocating for abortion rights in Florida.  


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