What can YOU do NOW?

We saw marches and rallies all across the U.S. this past week in support of Abortion Justice. But what are our next steps? Tampa Bay Access Force has worked with our partners to give you a list of action steps that you can do now ensure that abortion becomes more accessible and less stigmatized – no matter where you are in the U.S.

TBAF volunteer, Alexx spoke to the crowd at the rally in Tampa on October 2nd. Watch her speech here.

What can YOU do NOW?
1) Ask your US Senators to support the WHPA and EACH Acts that will protect abortion access on a national legislative level (visit this website to find your US Senator and their contact information)
2) Educate everyone in your community about safe, self-managed abortion through Plan C
3) Listen to the folx on the ground who are working with clients day in/day out to get them access wherever they may need it. Donate to your local abortion fund or volunteer for your local Reproductive Justice organization, if able.
4) VOTE for on the record pro-choice candidates

* What does abortion justice mean?
Abortion Justice is a phrase coined by our friends at All* Above All that recognizes that racism, economic insecurity, and immigration status multiply the massive barriers to abortion care. So, our solutions must include racial, economic, and immigrant justice. Abortion justice is about more than just protecting Roe—the right to an abortion. The reality is, the legal right to abortion alone has never been enough to ensure people, especially BIPOC and people working to make ends meet, can get the care they need when they need it. We need more than legality, we need a world where abortion is affordable and available in all of our communities, when people need care, from providers and in ways that people trust. (Source)

To sign up for legislative updates and action items for the Tampa Bay Area and Florida, sign up for our email list at the link below. If you’re interested in volunteering for Tampa Bay Access Force, please fill out our Volunteer Application.

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